Key Features

The R6000 is a high capacity laboratory grade twin-bore capillary rheometer. In conjunction with the RheoSolve software package the R6000 enables you to rapidly make highly accurate rheological measurements on a wide range of materials. Both shear and extensional properties can be obtained, in the ranges representative of those encountered during normal processing such as extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding and film blowing. The instrument is suitable for research, process development and quality control applications.

At the heart of the R6000 is a robust H-frame construction rated at 250kN, with force drive capability of up to 100kN and twin bores of 15mm as standard.

  • High quality instrumentation using pressure transducers mounted above the dies.
  • Tungsten carbide dies with diameter 0.25mm to 5mm; length 0.25mm to 30mm; entry angle 180° to 60°.
  • Shear and extensional viscosity calculations.
  • Thermal degradation test.
  • Constant speed, constant pressure and constant force modes.
  • Model fitting (Cross, power, Carreau).
  • Wall slip calculation.
  • Highly reliable with low cost of ownership.
  • Advanced safety features.


  • Wide range of pressure transducers from 500psi (3.5MPa) to 30000psi (200MPa).
  • Hastelloy barrel.
  • PVT test option.
  • Melt-strength haul-off system.
  • Die swell measurement system.

Resources to download