Data Acquisition

Imatek Systems data acquisition systems are based around the C3008 controller and a Windows PC running the Impacqt software. This is a general purpose system for analysing the results of high-speed tests, and can be used independently of our impact testers.

  • Analogue channels: 4 or 8 per C3008. Multiple C3008 may be chained together to provide as many channels as required.
  • Digital channel with quadrature encoded input, in addition to the analogue channels.
  • Resolution 16-bit.
  • Sample rate: up to 3,000,000 samples per second (simultaneously all channels).
  • Sample depth: up to 32,000 samples per channel.
  • Input range ±10V, ±5V, ±2V, ±1V software selectable.
  • Input mode: differential.
  • Bandwidth: 1.5MHz.
  • Signal-to-noise: >90dB.
  • Trigger: by velocity measurement laser; external TTL; analogue channels (configurable trigger level and edge). 0% to 100% pre-trigger. TTL trigger output.

Integrated High Speed Video

The high-speed video option is available for any of the Imatek Systems range of impact testers, and can also be used in standalone mode. Video can greatly enhance the understanding of the behaviour of specimens as they undergo impacts. Imatek Systems offers a fully integrated solution where the Impacqt software is used for camera control, video sequence acquisition and video analysis. As the costs of high-performance cameras has reduced over the years, integrated video is becoming increasingly common as a valuable component of impact tester installations.

Key features:

  • Control from the Impacqt software of camera frame rate, shutter speed and sensor capture area.
  • Live video window for camera set-up.
  • Automatic selection of the camera capture time based on the data acquisition parameters.
  • Automatic synchronisation of the video sequence and the acquisition of data from the impact tester instrumentation.
  • Video sequence saved in the same file as the impact data.
  • Synchronisation between on-screen graph markers and video sequence.
  • Extraction of calibrated measurements from the video data.
  • Automatic calculation of distances and angles from extracted data.
  • Video calliper tool for measurement of widths and heights ,and tracking minimum and maximum values within a window.
  • Automatic 1-d and 2-d tracking of unlimited numbers of points.

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